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Khalid Farooq

SDE @Nasdaq

Founder @MediScribePro, @LucidWaveAI

Co-Founder @TopEMR

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About My Startups

  • MediScribe Pro is an AI SaaS medical scribing, charting and documentation tool for all health care professionals. Reducing clinical note taking time by upto 90%.
  • LucidWave AI is an AI Automation Agency that helps business utilise AI in their existing flow and build AI SaaS for businesses.
  • Top EMR is a full scale EMR for healthcare providers. Unlike conventional EMRs, which demand approximately 30 minutes for clinical notes and billing per patient, topEMR's integrated AI technology slashes this time to just 5 minutes.

Technical Skills

  • Programming LanguagesJavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C/C++, SQL
  • AI TechnologiesLangchain, OpenAI API, Pinecone, AutoGPT
  • Web TechnologiesNextJs, ReactJs, OfficeJs, Django, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Developer ToolsGitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, VS Code, Pycharm
  • CourseworkData structures & Algorithms, DBMS, OOP, OS

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I ♥

Problem solving, Coding, Poetry.

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